People under 18 and Candyasses ARE NOT ALLOWED!

Are you sick and tired of political correctness? Does all that reality show bullshit and endless reruns of crappy sitcoms out there have you bored shitless? Would you rather tell that irritating asshole at work to just piss off… or would you prefer to watch them get torn apart by a big fucking chainsaw?

If the latter, then you’ve found home.

We’ve taken the grindhouse movie genre and ramped it up for audio podcast. Just open your ears and your mind and we’ll fill it with all the blood, guts, swearing, sex and violence your warped, friggin’ brain can handle.

Oh, yeah… did we forget to mention the zombies, aliens, raving lunatics, car chases, conspiracies & explosions?

Anarchy !

2 thoughts on “People under 18 and Candyasses ARE NOT ALLOWED!

  1. Me wants new audio Grindstuff!
    Halloween 2011 came and gone and no new Grindstuff…
    Please make new audio ugly! Me likes audio ugly!

    Thank you!!!

    P.S. Me is pretty!

  2. Now Halloween coming up, I do know… Me is smart and pretty!
    Please make me happy and do new audio Grindstuff! Me likey screamy girl and bad poo-head zombie lurkers and stuff like this.
    I likey audio ugly! More, please! Yes?

    Make this one girl sooo happy! Yes, yes, yes, me is girl! Be nice to you all time! Yes! And pretty me is too!

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