Zombie Cheerleaders

Zombie Cheerleaders 2

A Grindhouse Audio Production
This Audio is for Mature audiences only. If you are NOT over the age of 18, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. DO NOT LISTEN. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

An over caffinated Cop arrests a blood and gore covered High School Bus Driver weilding an ax… And parts of bodies line the rain soaked highways, cemetaries, and surrounding areas… He has all the evidence he needs… Open and Shut case- or so the cop thinks.. But he didn’t count on a military Semi Truck transporting highly toxic secret bio weapons… Nor did he give much creedence to the Bus Driver’s claim that
ZOMBIE CHEERLEADERS were out to get him…

Join the carnage… But Beware of the ZOMBIE Cheerleaders…

Starring in the Cast:
Taylor Kent- Cop1
Stevie Farnaby- Cop 2
Rita Nash as – Bobbi- ZCL 3 and Salley
Fjord Brother 1 as Cormon and some random Dying Cops
Solin Know- as Climati and Cop #3
Trixie Clusterflock as ZCL1
Sarah Gould- ZCL 5
Jules Ishmail as ZCL 2
Salee Schwarz as ZCL 4
Max Commanski as Craven
Doug Manlin as Joey and the Narrator

Rob Highfill

Seraphic Panopoly

Ghosts of Gelsomnia

Cheerleaders on Drugs by Uncle_Bonsai

NOTE This Podcast has been rated as AD-No One Under 17 – Visually explicit portrayals of violence, which may be characterized by extreme brutality, extreme bloodletting and extreme tissue damage. May include torture, horror, sexual violence. For more info:

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